a message to storytellers
storytelling + sequential art + conceptual ​​​

a comic about the story of life
a message to storytellers is a short comic based on some thoughts I had during a big transition in my life. It's a personal project that I did over a short period (approx 2 weeks, in my spare time) : and reflects my thoughts on life. I have a theory (in fact, my undergrad thesis is based on this) that we are all just stories. The theory states that we build our identities on the things society presents us, but we fashion ourselves and who we are from this. 
Through big life decisions, heartbreak, successes, failures: all of these are parts of our <unique> stories and builds who we are. Considering that our lives are our stories: I'm hopeful this comic can resonate with everyone: I feel we are all storytellers. It's important to make sure ours are what we want to write, to the best of our abilities.
The original text I wrote is typeset after, I didn't include all of it in my comic as it would take away from the pacing. (though I had plans on drawing giant 20-sided dice and running away from it!)

Also, a longer version of this exists on webtoons. 
Hey — so I don't really know what to do in this life o'mine.
It's been a story that's been told to me,
parts that I've narrated,
and some parts directly written by others.
But I'm not sure where its going.
As the writer, I've had inklings of where I'd like the story to go.
I've had collaborators who worked against me,
a narrator who throws some fun dice into the story
and runs off to leave me to catch them.
Sometimes I meet collaborators who proof read, and act as long term editors.
They are there when I write in my successes and failures, rooting me on. 

I've also had collaborators who sing alongside me with
such harmony that when they are around,
my story is
even more breathtaking.
But they don't always stay.
Not all my editors or my songbird comrades.
I'm not sure why that is.

shame though, it was just getting to that good part, why didn't you want to stay?

Sometimes the storyteller brings them back. 

Like any good writer, I'm never quite sure where this is going next.
Sometimes, the story seems so
impossible that I don't like writing it.
I'll just read other's stories instead.
And that helps; it kick-starts me to do my own again.

Maybe this one will help you with yours. So: 

a message to storytellers:
This is our currency as humans.

We're this magical mix of joint writing,
and we do amazing when we recognise who works the best with us,
while also understanding our place in our bigger story.
Realise that together your story becomes pretty amazing,
but don't be afraid to write alone sometimes either. 
And this; when things are hard, and your story is upsetting you,
it's okay to go to your collaborators
and also partake in absorbing all the stories others wrote.
Take inspiration from how other tales might have gone,
the made up ones and the real ones;
But know this for a factyour story is gonna be completely different. 
I don't know where this story of mine is going,
but I hope this little insight can help you with yours. 

<can also be read on my Instagram, where there are more drawings and different pacing>