erase me
interactive + print + identity construction + conceptual 
books printed in pencil
Identity construction was the central research question for my thesis. My dissertation focused around the narrative of the star sign Gemini through the lens of the social construct, femininity. It questioned how identities form with society constructs, how they adapt over time, and change within various transmedia outputs.
Nothing was concrete, and the representation of Gemini reshaped itself as society moved forward. But, was there a way to portray individual's identity construction visually; through studio practice?
In this project, readers can choose a page, a line; anything in these books and erase the words until what is left on the page represents a fraction of their own life story; effectively portraying their own identity. 
thesis was awarded most original research in TU Dublin Visual Communication
This project was exhibited as a full library in the summer of 2019.  Some photos of the project, at the graduate exhibition of the Technological University Dublin (TU Dublin, formerly DIT) can be seen below.
I was supervised by Clare Bell and Leon Butler during this project and the phrase 'analog recommender system' was coined by Leon during crits, and it just stuck perfectly.