brief one
print design + typographic harmony + image manipulation
design :un:fit for it's contents
In the autumn of 2019, I was selected to be an Upstart in the amazing program run by ICAD (Institute of Creative Advertising and Design). The program is a type of mentorship: each Upstart is given a mentor who is an established creative professional working in the industry, to guide them through six-weeks of workshops. 
The briefs are written by the various mentors, and for our first week we were tasked with designing a vinyl cover for Jackie Chan's 1994 hit: "Love Me." The caveat was to treat this quietly lovey-dovey soundtrack as an intense electronic music hit instead. The outside should NOT reflect the music inside! (The brief was written by the very talented Max Phillips of Signal Type :) )
I chose the genre of acid house, and married the historical styles of acid house to the newer electronic music world. 
It was important to consider the type: there was a mix of Japanese (yes, Jackie Chan can sing in various languages, and in this album he's singing in Japanese, Chinese and English!)
I used datamoshing for the cover, putting the iconic smiley face (a symbol of acid house) over Jackie's face. This was to signify his move into singer, rather than just the actor. Visually, this speaks to the sound of acid house music; give both acid house and Jackie a visit, after reading about this project!
I also considered the fact that perhaps, in the far future: the owner of the album might be doing some house cleaning and decide that this no longer sparked joy.
I wanted to provide the user with something 'fun' to do that reflected the concept of the vinyl. I created a volvelle, as a prototype for the lyrics. You could move it to read the lyrics along Jackie singing.