brief seven
visual identity + brand expansion
sustainable Irish fashion brand identity
In the autumn of 2019, I was selected to be an Upstart in the amazing program run by ICAD (Institute of Creative Advertising and Design). The program is a type of mentorship: each Upstart is given a mentor who is an established creative professional working in the industry, to guide them through six-weeks of workshops. 
The final brief was set by the Science Gallery. As designers we were asked to reimagine the ever-growing network of Science Gallery nodes by creating a design system that celebrates how each gallery sits within the context of the network. 
The system needs to be a tool of an identifiable brand that can be reproduced in various countries and cities all with their unique heritages and cultures. Using the existing Science Gallery logo, we were asked to design communication material that can be applied across all nodes. 
I started to wonder however: if each gallery is a part of the Science Gallery brand, but wouldn’t it be nice to have their own identifier that could live beside the original logo?

Something that could just express: ‘this is Dublin’ or ‘this is Detroit’
With this idea, I started to map out the various locations of the gallery and used the original logo to create something entirely new for each place. 
Using the coordinates, I cut into the shapes:
These cuts created new shapes, which I then blended together. It would ensure each location had it's own shape but also, a new shape could easily be created if another gallery was to open, or the geographical location of one was to change.
Having these shapes allow for each gallery to create its own visual identity under the umbrella that was already established.